Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A tentative beginning

'In the final analysis, we don't know what we're doing' - Ionesco.

I should, having written my honours thesis about them, know a lot about blogs. This does not turn out to be the case. Evidence of this will no doubt abound over the coming weeks and months, but I'm giving it a go. Bear with me.

I must confess here and now that there aren't many blogs I read on a regular basis (if I can work it out, I will provide links to the handful of honourable exceptions). My reasons for hoisting this blog are, of course, more self-gratifying than anything else. I harbour no illusions about mass readership or unlikely book deals. Hence Marginalia: non-essential, notes in the margin. In the margin, I hear you ask, of what? 

I will blog about theatre, the arts and politics, and potentially anything else that happens to engage me during this blog's lifespan (and who knows how long that will be?) My first task will be to upload (is that the right word?) the twenty or so theatre reviews I have written and which have been published, with varying degrees of editorial GBH, elsewhere. I hope they will, above all, entertain and perhaps in some small way contribute to the national debate. The theatre commentariat in Australia is teeming with life (not all of it intelligent) but things are, as ever, quieter in Adelaide where I am based. I have no qualms in adding another voice to the mix. Take it or leave it or, better still, talk to me. The best blogs are coffee houses, not pulpits.


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